New Subsection  
The New Subsection AoART goes online. I know, the Main page needs an update aswell ;-)

  Agent.Orange @ 22. December 2005    
       Some New Gallery Pictures  
Added some recent 2D / 3D Pictures to the gallery... hope you like them! Comments are welcome!

  Agent.Orange @ 11. June 2004    
       Hmm! Updates! =)  
Again added some pictures to the gallery. I'm sorry about the lack of updates lately ... i've been rather busy ;-)

  Agent.Orange @ 12. December 2003    
       Site Update  
Removed Javascript popups from gallery. Added some of my newer pictures.

  Agent.Orange @ 1. October 2003    
       Gallery Update  
I've updated the 2D & 3D gallery a little bit with some older & newer pictures! Also I've implemented a php based system that allows you to comment each picture ;)

cu soon

  Agent.Orange @ 4. July 2003    
       Second Update!  
The news system is now PHP oriented and allows for easier updates! Lazy as I am it is not Database controlled yet... maybe sometime in the future i'll switch to MySQL. (I'm also planning to do that for the image-browser functions...)

  Agent.Orange @ 30. June 2003    
       Website Launched!  
Finally got some time to work on my new site-design and finished the raw templates!
Now you just have to wait until everything is filled with exciting content =)

Come back soon!

  Agent.Orange @ 30. June 2003    


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